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"A child develops character, musicality, sense of rhythm, technique, confidence, control, passion for moving across the stage... and the medium is BALLET."

María Begoña Colomar - Director


We encourage our students to practice and comprehend the meaning of the French term "En dehors" or turn-out of the leg which is one of the first movements a ballet dancer learns. Since the beginner stage our students are focused on developing strength, flexibility, elevation, body control and the mastery of more complicated moves as they increase in difficulty.


A good ballet foundation also helps students to develop awareness of their role as part of a team. Why do we have mirrors in a ballet studio? Not only to correct and enjoy the beauty of the ballet moves we make, but to coordinate our steps, our arms, and the speed we move through the stage with the rest of the dancers.


When students listen to the music they can interpret all kinds of feelings: sadness, happiness, solemnity, euphoria, love, vitality... a expression of the face, the slow movement of an arm combined with a clean technique can not only transmit so much to the audience but they also get involved in the plot from the beginning to the end and any performance becomes a big success...